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"So St. Louis" ish

If you're from St. Louis, you probably know what it means to be "so, St. Louis". If you're not, just try to follow along best you can.

By now, you probably know that I'm not a native of St. Louis; however, I wear the pride of a native. I migrated here almost a decade ago and have been falling in love with the city since. I say "Little Rock made me and St. Louis raised me". For it has been St. Louis that I've spent a great deal of my adult years. This city has been a vehicle to discovering parts of myself I never knew existed. It's a place where I've been able to connect my affinity for Claude Monet and Blues, nature and wine hops, Brussel Sprouts and Macarons. St. Louis not only creates space for raw expression, but fosters an environment where that space can be fully embraced and sustained.

Since deciding to create this platform to showcase the city, I have connected with all sorts of folks throughout the St. Louis metro area -- rich, poor, young, old, single, married, you name it. I've been able to understand how various perspectives create a collective display of both progression and stagnation. I've gained a deeper understanding of the interworking of community and developed a greater appreciation for various cultural backgrounds. Cultural diversity is a true asset for this city; it increases the stock and value of St. Louis. Each time I've connected with a new face or place throughout the city, I've connected with a new part of myself. I've come to understand the true meaning of being better together.

Let me not forget to mention the insanely scrumptious restaurant scene. Long before I made this exciting place my home, I was wooed by the various eclectic beverage and food concepts. It's pretty cool that you can experience a French Toast inspired menu at Milque Toast or a sophisticated flower explosion cocktail at Frazers. You can tour restaurants for months without the need to repeat, while exploring cuisines from around the world. Awesome right?!

St. Louis has an insanely rich history displayed everywhere you turn, from the beautiful gardens to the fascinating French, English and German inspired homes. The gorgeous architecture displays a story of grandeur and perseverance. Neighborhoods such as Carondelet, Lafayette Square and Skinker DeBaliviere merge old and new. They display homes dating back 130 years or more.

I also appreciate the affordability of St. Louis. There are various cool neighborhoods to dwell depending on your lifestyle and level of income. Additionally, there are endless options for entertainment and fun. One of the city's best features is that many of the touring options are FREE. The city hosts daily Summer concerts in its beautiful parks. You can spend an entire day exploring the local zoo, science center and various art museums. There are gallery hops, carousel rides, boat rides, pretty much anything of interest.

St. Louis is where East meets West, South connects to North, a place where the cultural idiosyncrasies are delicately woven together to form an amazing city. I've been experiencing St. Louis in its entirety -- good, bad, indifferent. It's a true adventure. Tour with me!

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